"You had to kill him. The boy cries you a sweater of tears… and you kill him. How are you going to live with yourself?" — Mr. Krabs (via chosen-undead)

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I don’t know about y’all, but I’m kind of to totally freaking out over the trailer for PTA’s Inherent Vice.


the thing about people finding out you like one direction is that once they do they assume all you do is listen to one direction and everything you do is about one direction even though it is but that’s not the point

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U ever wish u were Mysterious but u can’t stop talking about urself

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the broad city live show had an odd structure but it worked for them idk i was smiling the whole time and it brightened my week

Parting Glances (1986)

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Just so we’re clear, the reason a lot of people protest climate change isn’t because they like trees and hiking. It’s because we’re making the Earth unlivable for all humans, and that humans in the poorest countries are the one’s worst hit.

Protesting climate change ain’t a white privilege thing. The people protesting climate change the hardest are Indigenous people, Island nation people, and poor people in hot countries. They’re terrified.

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princes of maine, kings of new england

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